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Hi!  Thank you for checking out my site! I think it’s pretty cool that you stopped by, thanks! 

Now, what can I tell you about myself?

Well if you haven’t already guessed it by now, I do love surfing!! 

Surfing is pretty much my favorite thing to do on the planet! I started surfing 19 years ago with an old Becker 6′-2″ Thruster given to me by pro volleyball players when I moved to California. Surfing has been my passion, my joy, and my quest in life to live what I would call the Ultimate Surfer Lifestyle ever since I caught those first waves. From then on, I wanted to build the rest of my life around surfing.

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The Ultimate Surfer Lifestyle to me means that I am free to wake up everyday living the life that I have envisioned for myself, friends and family.

For me, that is waking up everyday in my beautiful mansion tucked away in a warm tropical environment surround by stunning views, amazing nature, and wildlife… and oh, of course plenty of perfect, uncrowded surf!  Enjoying time with friends and family, living more of a tranquilo kind of lifestyle is what I am after.

My vision also comes with a very powerful desire to becoming Financially FREE… so I can live where I want, help my charities and communities more, as well as travel and surf the worlds best waves!

That path towards living the Ultimate Surfer Lifestyle has not always been straight of course, and oh boy did I have some bumps in the road and some    u-turns! Ha ha!!

In my life I have worked 42+ jobs. Yup, I bounced around a lot looking for something I liked to do that made me enough money to live the life I dreamed of. We can talk about all those later, but for now just the last 17 years will catch you up to speed.

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 17 years as a personal trainer and as group fitness instructor for Equinox. I have appeared on/in dozens of fitness magazines around the world. FitnessRXforMen_Erock-eric-carlson-surfer I was a special guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show where I preformed a fire-walk for her.  Ellen was supposed to do it, but after she saw the flaming coals she said    “I was going to, but now I’m not!” Ha ha! Do you blame her?


One of my favorite things that I have been lucky enough to do was working with overweight teens to help them turn their lives around. Student Body was created by the producers of The Biggest Loser.

During those same years I was conducting empowerment workshops for corporate employees that included fire-walking, glass-walking, board-breaking, arrow-breaking and much more!  My goal/ job was to inspire employees to break-through their limitations!  So Awesome!

I guess you can say I have always enjoyed helping others be their greatest! I receive GREAT joy in watching someone achieve something they previously thought was impossible! 

As much as I love what I do, this kind of work has always put me into a position of having to trade my time for dollars.  At some point I realized that there was a limit to how many hours I could work in a day, and a limit to how many people I could help that day.

On top of that, I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to travel the world for months at a time to explore amazing places! But with my kind of schedule, it was always hard to take off of work because when I spent money to go travel, no money was coming in when I vacationed.

Teen Transformation

So it was always a game of catch up! Been There?

I knew there had to be a better way….     

Lucky for me I happened to meet some friends who introduced me to internet marketing. 

Long story short… I started trying to make money online in 2004. I spent the next 8+ years bouncing from opportunity to opportunity a.k.a.- “Shiny Ball Syndrome” while successfully spending over $50,000 buying products, seminars, workshops, ebooks, software, scams, etc., just trying to find the secrets to making money online.

I almost gave up. But then I saw a video that changed my life! (<— watch)


Everyday I feel so beyond-blessed to be where I am today. Life is Awesome.

I am so grateful to be in a position to help others live their AWOL… whatever that is to you.

Please watch for exciting news that I want to share with you about the house I am renting in Costa Rica that you could have a chance to stay at!.

This is going to be very cool. Pura Vida!

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Many exciting adventures to come! Stay Tuned.

Thank YouI wish you the best.

Eric Carlson

Project A.W.O.L. / WUKAR

Stay Inspired!


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  1. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for following my blog ‘Crazy fACTS’. Glad to connect with you. Yeah, life is awesome, as your story.
    Have a happy blogging & writing journey! 🙂
    – Pratik

  2. Thanks kindly for the follow, and I look forward to hearing more about your exciting adventures on the seas!

  3. Hi Eric! Thanks for the follow – good luck with the surfing and if you’re ever in the San Fran/Bay Area, lmk, it would be great to collaborate. Blessings! Dany

  4. hey Eric,
    Thanks for following my blog. I’ve done board breaking too – ten days before having a hip replacement. Keep inspiring. That’s what we all do, some more than others of course.

  5. Buster the schnauzer isn’t really a water lover, but he’s happy for the follow! And we live in Nova Scotia Canada where it is almost impossible NOT to live by the water… you should check us out in your travels… most bars per capita in Canada!

  6. You’re so lucky to have already found your passion in life. It sounds like it took a while to get there, but that’s what makes it meaningful in the end 🙂 And you should always have this optimism, its a beautiful way to look at things!

  7. Hello!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    As you are happy surfing with life so am I writing!

    Best of luck to you and to your dreams!


  8. Thank you for the follow 🙂 love to hear more about your internet marketing? I’m currently network marketing and loving it x

  9. Hi Eric! Thanks for the follow. I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog and continuing to be inspired, you’re got a cool story. All the best! Jessica

  10. Thanks for the follow. I’m glad you are following your passion in life. Pictures of the surfing are awesome.

  11. Hey Dude thanks so very much for the like and follow on my blog!!! I found myself smiling reading your site, thanks so much for the uplifting and positive site!

  12. Thank you for following my blog. I love the pictures and attitude in yours. My husband and I are sailors and spend a lot of time in the Bahamas on our boat. When we’re not there, I’m busy writing in Oklahoma. I will be checking you out. Stay free!

  13. Hi Eric, Enjoyed your “About” very much. It has been an exciting life-path for you. The philosopher Joseph Campbell wrote that to be happy you must “follow your bliss”. You have proved him right. I have a teen-age grandson who is dedicated to skateboarding. He is in the process of learning how to reconcile his bliss with earning an income. so I know where you are coming from. Thank you for following my blog – I hope you get enjoyment from it. Des. .

  14. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, surfing is not my bag, but I love to swim and the energy that comes from being in water – loving the energy in your blog too! All the best!

  15. Hey Eric!,

    I truly appreciate you dropping by to check out my book. It is appreciated more than you would figure and I hope I made you giggle in the process.

    Have a splendid day!,

    – Christopher

  16. Thanks for the follow. If you’re at all interested in hosting a “Dollar a Day” Dinner to help raise awareness/funds to address hunger issues, please let me know. I’d love to hear about it. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to read.

  17. Hi Eric, thanks for following my blog. Gave me a chance to check out yours as well, you’ve got great energy. Happy surfing!

  18. Thanks for following my blog Coyotesmuse. Your photos are wonderful. May you continue AWOL for many, many years!

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