I AM A SURFER – video – by Eric Carlson


Yeah!!   My first attempt at creating an inspiring little video short is done. You have scene photos of me surfing… now see the video! ENJOY! Please leave your comments Continue Reading →

The Blog Beast Is Coming, And It’s A “Game-Changer” (get ready)


The Blog Beast Is Coming, And It’s A “Game-Changer” (get ready)

With only a few weeks until our Brand New Mobile Blogging and Marketing Platform ENV2 (aka: “The Blog Beast”) is released to the world…

The whispers are starting, the anticipation is increasing, and everyone is watching and waiting to get their hands on it. And the only thing we’ll say is:

“This is a Game-Changer” – and it’s Coming Soon.

We just released a video for you that will reveal a little bit of the magnitude of “The Blog Beast” so you can see why everybody is on the edge of their seats…


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